is this a bad date to post art?
idk but anyway leliana amongst the bushes.


is this a bad date to post art?

idk but anyway leliana amongst the bushes.



 Ntore dancers, Gisenyi, Rwanda, 1951

 The photograph depicts Ntore dancers performing traditional Tutsi dance, on shore of Lake Kivu. Originally, the Ntore dancers were the pages of the Mwami court; they were all sons of chiefs or notables. The choreography consisted principally of warlike dances called the Ikumu (the lance), the Umuheto (the bow) and the Ingabo (the shield), in which the dancers carried real arms.

Photo by Eliot Elisofon

(Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of African Art)


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So a conversation led me to some thoughts about Anders, because of course this is a blog that contains Thoughts About Anders TM. 

There’s this frustrating, fascinating dichotomy between two events in DA2, the first is the killing of the Arishok, and the second is the destruction of the Chantry. 

One parallels the other: peaceful negotiations fail, reason fails, and innocent people are threatened. We accept that violence is a reasonable answer to violence. 

Or we don’t. 

The Arishok is just as potent a symbol as the Chantry. He is symbolic of his people, his belief system, and the threat to the liberty of non-Qunari implicit in the warning that the Qunari will return. 

We’re supposed to accept that the destruction of the Chantry, that blowing up a building, is a special kind of violence. 

It has to be a different kind of violence from Hawke killing either the Arishok and Co, or just him. Even if Hawke gives up Isabela, Kirkwall is in figurative and literal ruins. We accept that fighting a philosophical/religious order and that order’s military arm is justified, because everyone is threatened. 

The dichotomy lies therein: the Chantry is a threat to mages, a specific class of people, a pretty slim slice of the population, all things being equal. 

Is violence not a solution unless everyone is threatened? How few are we willing to accept? It’s not a way out to argue that mages can be dangerous— Kirkwall is packed with shady characters, all of whom Hawke fights to protect, under the umbrella of ‘everyone.’

I can’t accept that the destruction of one symbol and the people associated with it must be considered an especially abhorrent form of violence because that symbol is a building. 

Hawke’s reaction to the Qunari plants the seeds of war, too. Even Anders behaves as if his violence is a totally different, more horrible, turn of events, because war has now become inevitable. 

I don’t know if the parallels were meant to be addressed and like many things it got jacked in development, or if the writers were making a statement about dehumanization, and how willing we are to condone violence against the other (Qunari and mages both), or if they just wanted the hero to have her cake and eat it too, and then scapegoat a less guilty party to soother her tummy. 

But I do want to pat Anders on his head and suggest that if he’s going to pillory himself, Hawke oughtta go down too. 


Roy DeCarava, New York, 1954


Roy DeCarava, New York, 1954

cheesiestart replied to your photo: “7/22 Time will wash these sins off my hands”:


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grexyhousecat replied to your post: “Life stuff [[MOR] I turn 29 on Friday. I’m doing/not doing that…”:
Granted, I only know you through tumblr, but my impression is you are an awesome person and I’d have coffee/tea with you. I dig what you’re about.

<3333 Thank you. If you ever find yourself around Yellowstone, we should!

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Time will wash these sins off my hands


Time will wash these sins off my hands

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I turn 29 next Tuesday - we are very close in age! I’m sorry to hear how hard your life has been, and how you have lived with a sense of shame… I think living shamelessly is a great ambition. And I’m so happy you have your husband. *hug*

Wow, we are! I had intended to do a PhD before cancer ate my ambitions and my ladyparts, too :P I’m in the most secure place I’ve ever been in my life, and I want to start appreciating it, you know?


A glorious fuck-ton of perspective angle references (per request).

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"How Can I Tell This Customer To Fuck Off Without Getting Fired" - an anthology by retail workers worldwide

I just tested out my pots and pans on the new induction cooktop. 

Cons: Half my shit doesn’t work any more.