Have officially reached the ‘fuck bras, fuck everything,’ epoch of this summer. Going over to Bozeman today to get a cheap haircut, in a halter top with no bra because de klassey. The world can just deal with my tits sans Büstenhalter . 

On which note, Büstenhalter is maybe my favorite word in any language. It sounds as though my breasts require the strength of some mythic hero to contain them and prevent their rampage across the land. 

  1. cheesiestart said: *cries* i wish i could go without a bra for one day (but thats an awesome word)
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    How does one pronounce Bustenhalter? Because I basically want to inject it into every sentence I say now.
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    Oh Maker. You are wonderful and I love you.
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  5. sandetiger said: Down with the brassieres! Up with Breast Liberation! This whole business with bras being a required aspect of be-boobed attire is silly all of the time, not even just in the heat!
  6. douglaslovesanders said: *snicker* Hell, I went out without a bra myself… just my t-shirt. It’s too hot for such silliness. Go us. :D
  7. normanee said: lol you are hilarious XD Super hero boobies
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